Reach, Teach and Preach

Wednesday's visual meeting

Dear all,

it was great on Sunday to see so many of the church family on Zoom and in such good spirits.


Below is the link for Wednesdays meeting, please dial in at 7.15 ready for a 7.30 start


Join URL:


We tried it last time with open mics so we could automatically hear each other. This time to streamline it and reduce background noise, we may try it with mics muted with a press to speak option. and see how that goes. To speak, you press and hold the space bar or mic symbol on your device.

This week is "Gather!", so it's as a great opportunity to fellowship, Praise God and get a little into the word of God

In particular this week we will all be talking and praying about Outreach to those we're connected to and also into the community to reach the lost.

We're really going for it with Gods inspiration for us to Reach, Preach, Teach! 

Please can we all get the link out to everyone asap in readiness for tomorrow. It can be sent by email, text, WhatsApp, Facebook, Facebook Messenger, Instagram.

Look forward to seeing you all tomorrow!

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