Reach, Teach and Preach

Sunday 12th May

Dear Friend,
It would be great to see you this Sunday morning at New Hope CF as we continue the series 40/10/50. 

‘Getting to know you’
We will also be doing a Q&A with Neil & Sheila finding out a bit more about them. 

Jesus appeared at least 10 times in his resurrected body, first to Mary Magdalene and then to the disciples, on the Road to Emmaus (also the great catch of 153 large fish at the lakeside) before eventually appearing to over 500 witnesses. 

No wonder the gospel grew, these were hundreds of living witnesses of the resurrected son of God. 

Come and join us as we look at why doctrine and what we actually believe is so important. 

It would be great to see you! 
# National Sports Sunday next week with BBQ. 

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