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Services update

Hey guys,

Just a quick update on where we are upto as a church community at New Hope CF in relation to Church services and recent government directives. 

As you will have no doubt seen and heard in the media, churches are now able to open for prayer and in groups potentially of 30 people, however singing is currently not being encouraged. 

We at New Hope had a zoom meeting with lots of folks from church last Wednesday night,  to discuss how best to come out of lockdown. 

The vast majority of people just do not feel comfortable being back in the church building at this stage. Which we respect and fully understand. 

We appreciate that every church is at a different place, some will
be meeting this weekend whilst others have already said it could be several months away for them. 

We are on a unique journey and will take every decision prayerfully and seek God for His wisdom for all at New Hope. 

There are no right and wrong answers more just trying to get it right for our church community. 

-So in the short term we have agreed to continue with the Zoom services at 12.30 on a Sunday and Wednesday nights at 7.30pm. The ladies also have a zoom prayer meeting ‘Rooted’ every other Monday night at 6.45pm. 

We appreciate it's not ideal for everyone, and we are so missing actually seeing people!...we really are missing you guys so much!! 

We are talking initially about people gathering together in peoples home , and in the short term trying to get more folks set up on zoom on iPads/tablets and computers. 
It is brilliant at least to see everyone's faces, talk , connect and worship together at the various meetings. 

We have also uploaded a few sermons onto our website, one where Oliver was speaking at a church in Las Vegas from Sunday just gone. 

If you do need any help setting up on Zoom we have a team of folks ready to help. 

We currently have about 30-40 connections on a Sunday which means incl kids/families that we typically have about 60-70 people connecting for church on Sunday lunchtime. Which we appreciate means approx 30 folks are not connecting for a whole variety of reasons. 

It would be fab to see you guys connecting if you can. 

We will keep on reviewing what we do about services every 4 weeks. 

We are talking about all getting together for a social distance service at Shibden park later in July or early August. We will try to keep you all posted. 

I’ve tried to get the message out to as many folk as possible, please do feel free to pass on to any friends in the fellowship I may have missed. 

Missing you all. 

Much love
Oly & Lorraine

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