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Healthy Church week 3

Dear Friend,
We know what makes us healthy as individuals, eating correctly, exercising, sleeping well, drinking lots of water , managing our time well and watching our stress levels. 
In other words, having a well balanced life!

We all know at times we need to make significant changes to achieve healthy goals. 
But it can for sure feel a bit boring at times -but we know it makes sense and that it’s true!

How about as a Church?  What makes a church healthy?

It would be great to see you this Sunday morning as we continue through this series looking at;

Biblical Teaching & Preaching 
Biblical Worship 
Biblical Prayer 
Importance of communion & water baptism. 

Do something different- Come to Church. 
It would be great to see you. 
Kid zone. Age 4-16yrs. 

Starts 10.30am. 

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