Reach, Teach and Preach

Dessert at Church

Dear Friend,
Just a reminder to bring your lunch with you this Sunday for after the service, as we celebrate the end of the 21 day fast! (Although Church will be providing desserts)

It has been a great 3 weeks as we have prayed together, and it has been brilliant to see so many of you get involved. Some have said fasting Facebook has been more challenging than the fasting of food some days!!

The prayer times have been just incredible as we have come together challenged by the question..... ‘What do you see’?  It’s a question God often asks!

The church refurb continues and a huge thanks for those who are going to clean and prepare New Hope on Saturday morning 10am, prior to our service on Sunday at 10.30am. 

Our own Nev Hattersley will be bringing a message of hope and life transformation, so it will be for sure a great morning in the house. 

Invite a friend, it will be a good day as we share together. 

All in it together. 

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