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Chasing the Lion - week 9 25 Nov 18

Week 9 - 25th Nov 18 - ‘God sized opportunities- Take them!’

Our true destiny, is often determined by whether or not we seize the God-ordained opportunities presented to us. 

The challenge is that we can achieve much success in our natural abilities, however if we really want to seize God-ordained opportunities then we must live in “prayer mode”.

It is possible to build successfully without the Holy Spirit, sadly even as believers we can even build church out of our flesh and soul strength. 

The good news is if we live according to the Spirit of God, and in a place of submission before God then we can expect to believe for breakthrough and to walk in the fullness of all God has for each one of us. 

It would be great to see you Sunday morning as we continue this series. 

New Hope. 10.30am

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