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Chasing the Lion - week 8 18 Nov 18

Chasing the Lion- week 8 in the series. 18 Nov 18

Deuteronomy  30 v 19...“Now Choose Life- but please don’t play it safe”

There is nothing easy about taking a risk, even small risks can feel scary! but if we are to make progress in our Christian life, then we have to take some tough choices. 

What is God looking for from you?

Whatever it is, you cannot remove risk from the equation. Our faith -whilst offering strength, does not eliminate uncertainty!

In Matthew 25, Jesus tells the story of 3 people with differing amounts of ability and talent. Ultimately he is not pleased by the man who chose to bury his gifts and talents, and who wasn’t prepared to take a risk for fear of losing what he had. 

Following Jesus should never be a passive exercise, come and hear why its best to to run with God ordained opportunities and not live in regret. 

New Hope Christian Fellowship 
10.30am start. 

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