Reach, Teach and Preach

Chasing The Lion - Week 7


Dear Friends,
It would be great to see you as we continue this series “Chasing the Lion”

Week 7 (04 Nov) “Are we nearly there yet?”

We have all been at the beginning of a long car journey, (when we have already dutifully explained to the kids that we are going to be in the car 4hrs +)
20 mins into the journey one of the kids bellows from the back... “Are we nearly there yet?”

In the Christian life, often the journey is as important as the final destination, how do we handle the curveballs of life and how do we stay positive and full of faith?

How do we embrace both the good and the bad surprises of life. 
Do we live as totally consecrated to God, or do we prefer to be backseat drivers and show God where He is going wrong?

Come along prepared to be challenged and to be open to change. 

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