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Chasing the Lion - week 6 14 Oct 18

Chasing the Lion W6

“Faith is Spelt RISK- learning to embrace uncertainty “

Planning is an important thing to do in everyday life, however are we making our own plans and asking God to bless our plans, or are we SEEKING God first and expecting some divine encounters and God appointments. 

There are both good and bad complications in life!

Often we look to reach out for the ‘simplify’ option in life, when God is looking for us to embrace uncertainty and keep moving forward. 

King David got in a relational mishap (when he should have been out at battle) instead his eye was distracted by a beautiful women and by an early self imposed retirement plan. 

Come and hear how God wants you to embrace uncertainty. 

It would be great to see you at New Hope on Sunday morning 14th Oct  starting at 10.30. All welcome. 

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