Reach, Teach and Preach

Chasing the Lion - Week 5 Sunday 07 October

When things don’t go your way or when life gets tough, how do you tend to respond?

Question- What is your default setting?

Often two people can face very similar circumstances, however one thrives and continues to be a worshipper of God, whilst the other complains and slowly begins to blame God, and lose heart or faith itself!

Are you a complainer or worshipper in a tough situation?

We need to be a people of praise, and we will be looking at the example of Paul and Silas who continued to pray and worship even when they had been beaten up and thrown in prison. 

As they did this a miracle was right around the corner. 

A great Quote I like from Mark Batterson

“Don’t let what’s wrong with you, keep you from worshipping what’s right with God”

It would be great to see you at New Hope on Sunday at 10.30am. 

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