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SUNDAY MORNING 23rd Sept, our very own Alison Wilson is speaking on Radio Leeds 0800 breakfast show promoting next Fridays ladies night.   Tune in and listen up about a great evening for well-being and chat… Read more

Chasing the Lion - week 4

Chasing the Lion - week 4

Chasing the Lion w4 - Sunday 23rd September “Suddenly Moments”...that change everything! We are often faced with difficulties and tough situations, even as Christians we are not immune from life’s battles and struggles, however we know that often ‘God ordained opportunities’  come disguised as huge problems initially! We… Read more

Chasing the Lion w3 - “Battle for the mind” Dear Friend, It would be great to see you as we look at biblical strategies for “overcoming” the issues we face in our everyday lives.  How can we overcome anxiety in a land of panic? The reality is… Read more

On Sunday 09th Sept we continue the teaching series “ Chasing the Lion” Week 2 “ Shooting against the odds” The more we grow in our faith , the bigger God should get in our understanding.  Normal people run away from the “lions” and  the challenges of life,… Read more