Reach, Teach and Preach


Our Kidszone has 3 different age groups which meet every Sunday - we stay in for the first part of the main 10.30am service then head to our separate rooms for time of learning and playing together!.. Usually about 11.00am- 11.55am. 

Crèche (0-3years of age):
Our Littles Fishes room on the ground floor is equipped with toys for babies and toddlers to play with, whilst parents and carers can chat or listen to the service which is streamed into the room via a sound monitor.  There is always at least one volunteer on hand who is responsible for the room.





Friends & Heroes- Primary school age (yr1-yr 6 age Groups):

This group meet in our upstairs room where we learn about God and the stories in the Bible, playing games, doing craft activities and praying together.  

First we watch a DVD (currently 'Friends & Heros') on our big screen altogether as a big group, then break into smaller age-related groups to unpack the story and how it relates to our lives now.  Each week we can earn stickers and prizes. 

Our team of leaders and helpers are; Lorraine, Mandy, Hazel, Louise, Tracey, Nev, Karen, Wendy, Leah, Ellen, Pat, Rita, Maggie and Theresa.